The Call of Duty game has become increasingly popular among the gamers over the years. You can play it alone or you can play it with your friends online. Do you want to ensure that your friends will be able to play with you? Do you want to pick the map and game options you want to play with? And do you want to get away with troublesome players? Why not host a game? This way, you get to play according to your preference.

Hosting a Call of Duty Game in your Xbox

Setting up to be a COD host won’t take long. All you have to do is go the main menu and select Multiplayer.

Select “Xbox Live”. And click “Private Match”.

Do you want to select your preferred map? Go to “Game Setup” and select “Change Map”. There you will find different maps to choose on. After selection, you will then be taken back to the “Game Setup” menu.

Hosting Call of Duty in Xbox

If you want to change your game options, then go to “Change Game Mode”. There you will see various selections of game options such as Search and Destroy, Sabotage, Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Headquarters. As soon as you’ve made your choice, you will be taken back to the “Game Setup” menu again.

Is it possible to change the rules of the game? Yes, it is possible. Just go to “Game Rules” and adjust the rules according to your preference.

Hosting Call of Duty in Xbox

Do you want to allow your friends to join your game? Go to “Join-in-Progress” to allow them to join your game anytime.

Hosting Call of Duty in Xbox

Inviting friends is also possible! Click “Invite Friends” to invite friends from your list.

To start the game, click “Start Match”. Once the game has started, you will have the power to end the game and kick the players out by pressing the “Start Button”.

What’s the best way to kill the time? Majority of us has at least one gaming gadget at home; may it be PSP, cellphones, tablets, or laptop computers. With the fast-paced technology today, you can do absolutely anything with a handheld gadget. We can create slideshows and documents, we can browse through the internet and various social media, we can communicate with people around the world for free, and we can definitely play games in it.

Even though these gadgets serve a lot of purpose, it also has its fair share of disadvantages, especially to students.

• Social Networking

Students or not, almost everybody has Facebook or is a member of a social networking site. Although these sites serve a purpose of social interaction between people from different parts of the world, it also screams freedom of expression. And sometimes, this freedom can go overboard that students and minors are able to see and post inappropriate materials that can affect them psychologically. You might question whether it can affect their education; well, it definitely can! Pictures or videos of them doing inappropriate behavior may blow their chances of getting into a university or getting a job.

• Addiction

The Cons of Gadgets to the Youth

Which is better? IOS, Android, or Windows? These are just some of the factors of gadget addiction. Why? Because these operating systems actually offer apps with various games and social networking that are free or that can be bought at a cheap price. As a result, it is easy to be addicted to these apps that students do not put in longer time on their studies and sleep that they actually need.

• Creativity

Yes, gadgets can affect students’ creativity and imagination. Although the virtual world may be vast; but everything is structured play. Thus, it hinders the development of the youth’s creativeness and it promotes lack of imagination as well.

• Health

You might ask why gadgets can affect health when you’re just sitting or lying down and using your fingers to operate it. Well, constant use of gadgets can promote sedentary lifestyle. Most people become lazy to go on an exercise; thus, promotes obesity as well. Aside from that, eye problems may result due to back-lit screens. With headphones that shut out the surrounding noise, it can cause irritation to your eardrums which results to hearing problems.

It can affect your brain as well. According to studies, increased used of gaming gadgets can result to the development of the Attention Deficit Disorder.

Most virtual games’ targets are the female players. Since most virtual games are dress-up games and pet games. However, male players can also play these virtual games. The main targets of virtual games are children because it helps with their imagination on how to style a pet or a room. This also helps the children on how to take care of a virtual pet before thinking about having a real one.

Some of the virtual games are cooking games and art games. This helps the child in using their imagination to make different works of art even if they are doing it in a computer. There are also virtual games where a player needs to make an avatar where he or she can interact with other people in the online multiplayer world. There are certain virtual games where children cannot access them however, adults can play them.

There are different kinds of virtual games, one is for general players or those allowed for children such as virtual pets, virtual salons, virtual cooking, and others. And there are also virtual games addressed to adult players with some explicit contents. Parents should watch the games played by their children and help them if there are some instructions they don’t understand. Parents should also tell their children to not give out personal information to anyone they meet on the virtual world. This is because there are some sexual predators in the virtual world that pretend that they are children to get closer to them.

Different Virtual Games

Online players should become aware of the kinds of people they interact with, since there are many pretenders in the virtual world who can take advantage of them especially if they are children. It is a good idea if parents will guide their children while they are using the computer to prevent any problems in the future.

Do you want to have more games on your computer with just one download? Then, the Gaming Zone is just for you! It comes with around 90 free games for the trial pack that allows you to play on your own or against other players in the MSN community; such as Plants Versus Zombies and Awakening The Dreamless Castle. It is, however, sold for $14.99 monthly subscription if you want to avail for a game retail pack where you can enjoy more than a hundred games.

Installing Gaming Zone

Downloading Gaming Zone to Your Computer

First and foremost, make sure that your computer meets the requirements of the application. Like any other game, it should have the processor requirements and the available disk space to make it possible for Gaming Zone installation. It must have a 486 processor or faster, and at least 8 MB space on the hard drive. If you do not have any of this, might as well upgrade your computer or buy an external hard drive.

Do you need to buy a CD installer for Gaming Zone? No, the installer is available at the MSN Gaming Zone website. All you need to do is visit the site and click the subscription link.

What is the mode of payment? For trial versions, you need not pay but you’ll only have limited games. For retail versions, on the other hand, you can pay through the use of your credit or debit cards or your PayPal to pay for the monthly subscription fee. As soon as the payment’s done, you can now download the program and save it to your hard drive.

As soon as the program has been downloaded, click the installation program and read and follow the prompts.

After the installation prompts and processes are completed, you can now launch and start playing the MSN Gaming Zone.

Kids, naturally, love to play. But most of the kids nowadays just play at the comfort of their home with their computers. Is it like an anti-social thing? No, because with the advancement of internet, we can now find a lot of online multiplayer games that allow them to interact with other people.

Online Games for Kids

Do these games come with a price? Absolutely! But, if you are concerned with the cost, there are a lot of multiplayer online games that come for free.

Is it safe and family-friendly enough for the kids? Well, we won’t know that, right? So before we let our kids play it, we might as well try it for ourselves to be sure! So, I’ve tried out a couple of games that are actually good for the kids and are fun to play with.

Fusion Fall

The Fusion Fall game by Cartoon Network is an online game with characters from their popular shows such as “Dexter’s Laboratory”. This game will allow your kids to create a character of their own to join the CN characters with a mission of eliminating aliens in their world. Although, it’s like just any other game, your kids would totally enjoy it since they are familiar with the characters; some of them might be their favorites! The entire game, however, does not come for free. They will only be able to play 20 missions for free, and the other 600 or so missions can be played when you buy it at a price.

Online Games for Kids

Hello Kitty Online

Here is an online game for the girls! Hello Kitty Online is, of course, created by Sanrio where kids will be able to play with Hello Kitty and her friends, Chococat and My Melody. This game involves quests and missions in popular places around the world!

Pokemon Online

Who doesn’t know Pokemon? Pokemon Online is based on its popular anime show. Just like what we see on TV, this game allows kids to be like Brock and Ash! They’ll be able to train Pokemons and battle them with other players online (what’s so anti-social with that?!).

Disney’s ToonTown

As long as it isn’t Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan, Disney has been known to be the home of kids-friendly cartoon shows because of the moral lessons you learn in the end. This game allows kids to play with the classic Disney Characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, and complete quests to stop antagonists taking over their town. This game, however, has a monthly subscription fee of $9.95. However, they offer a free trial period!

MMORPGs vary on the game play, graphics, and popularity. Some games can become appealing for some players and other players might think it’s boring or lame. Below are the top 10 free MMORPGs for 2013.

1. Dungeons and Dragons

There are different races in the game which a player can choose from. The character races are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Warforged, Drow, Half-Elf, Halflings, and Half-Orc. The game is an action role-playing game which presents real-time tactics combat.

2. Lord of the Rings Online

This type of game’s based on the story of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The character levels up through player versus environment (PVE) modes. However, the character skills need purchasing through a specific NPC after gaining a level. The game also has a player versus player (PVP) modes where players can combat with each other. There are different races in the game which are Man, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit.

3. Allods Online

Allods Online has most of the traditional MMORPG elements such as dungeons, NPCs, and quests. There is also a PVPmode in this game where players can combat with each other and test their skills. The game also includes a guild system where different players can help each other in improving their guild rank and take part in the Astral Confrontation.

4. Dragon Nest

This game has 2 modes, the PVE and PVP. There are now 6 characters that players can choose from. They can either play as Warriors, Clerics, Sorceress, Archer, Academic, and Kali. In the PVP mode, players can opt to play even if they have no equipment.

5. Vindictus

In this game, players can opt to choose from 7 gender-locked characters, they can play as Lann, Fiona, Evie, Karok, Kai, Vella, and Hurk. These characters differ in combat skills and abilities. This game is the prequel of the popular MMORPGMabinogi. This has an action-based battle system that still has the RPG elements.

6. RaiderZ

This is a MMORPG that offers the classic gameplay features such as quests, dungeons, guilds, PVP, and crafting. This has the unconventional non-targeting combat system where players can actively take part. There is no character choice in the game because when the player reaches level 10, they can opt to choose from different skills to develop their characters in the way they want.

7. Aion: Ascension

This type of MMORPG has 6 primary classes which are the Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, and Muse. These primary classes have sub-classes which are the Templar, Gladiator, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, and Songweaver.

Top 10 Free MMORPG Games for 2013

8. Rift

This is a fantasy MMORPG which takes place in Telara. There are 4 character classes in the game which are the Warrior, Cleric, Rouge and Mage. Each class has 8 different souls and Rift’s soul trees have two levels which are the branches and roots. In this game, all races can become all classes.

9. Neverwinter

The game consists of three playable characters which are the Trickster Rouge, Devoted Cleric, and Guardian Fighter. The game has a queue system, auction house, PVP, companions, quests, and dungeons.

10. Tera Online

This game’s rated are the top 1 MMORPG of the year since there are 7 races and 8 classes. It has very detailed graphics and has an open world PVP.

Are online games just for kids? Definitely not! One of the most popular online games among the adults and teens today are the massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). Because of the advancement of the internet, gamers all over the world can now share virtual worlds. With the help of multiple game servers, multiplayers is now possible with the aid of the internet!

Are MMORPG free? Well, with games like this, they do come with a price. Some MMORPG, require monthly subscription fees or prepaid cards. Others, however, will only require you to buy the software. However, they also offer a free trial period to entice you to buy! And that, I must say, is one effective marketing strategy.

Popular MMORPG Games

• Blizzard’s World of Warcraft

Who hasn’t heard of World of Warcraft? This addictive game was released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, and has become one of the top MMORPG games over the years. It has reached more than 11 million players worldwide. It is a fantasy, strategy game where players battle themselves to see who wins the game.

MMORPGs for Everyone

• Lord of the Rings Online

We’ve heard and watched the blockbuster trilogy of Lord of the Rings, and now it has evolved into a fantasy MMORPG game. This game was first released in 2007, followed by updates and expansions throughout the years. What’s good about this game? It only requires you to pay a one-time subscription which means you need not have to pay a monthly fee.

• Guild Wars

NCSoft’s Guild Wars is a fantasy MMORPG released in 2005, followed by game expansions throughout the next years. What’s so unique about this game is that it does not feature a fully persistent fantasy world like other MMORPGs. Instead, their world is created based on each group players. In order to play the entire game, you need to buy the game itself without any monthly fees.

• EverQuest and EverQuest II

Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest was first released in 1999 followed by the release of its sequel, EverQuest II, in late 2004. It is considered to be the benchmark of most MMORPG during its time since it helped set gaming standards. This game requires a monthly subscription as well.

• EVE Online

MMORPGs for Everyone

CCP Games’ Eve Online is a subscription-based, science fiction MMORPG that is said to develop the characters of the players. It was first released in mid-2003. Several expansions and upgrades were then added to the base game over the years.

Some people become addicted to video games. Some tend to forget certain things once they become addicted to video gaming. This can influence people’s relationship with others by changing their feelings. There are some video games that influence people in good ways such as teaching players problem-solving skills and teach children the different colors, numbers, shapes, and such.

The reason video gaming can change a person’s feelings depends on the mood of the game that person is playing. If the video game is a horror type of game, people tend to get a bit jumpy or easily frightened. This is because images from the video game they played are still lingering in their imaginations. Same goes to shooting types or multiplayer games. Some of these games influence a person’s emotions because some of the players might end up being hot-headed after losing a few games or more since there is an alteration in their reputations in-game and they tend to become cranky.

There are also video games which are educational which can help in a child’s problem-solving skills or basic skills. This can influence the knowledge and skills of a child. These skills can become very useful once a child enters pre-school.

How Video Gaming Influence People

Video gaming can also influence a person if a person becomes addicted to the video game he is playing. Persons who become addicted to games tend to forget certain life events or even their social lives. Addicted people even forget to take care of their bodies; some of them even forget to eat because they want to finish a certain video game. Some also forget the time and spend less sleepless nights which make them cranky in the morning. Addiction can also affect a person’s relationship with other people because they either become cranky or have issues with other people.

There are people who want to try playing casino games however; there are no casinos near their areas. Some of them resort to online casino games for fun or for gambling. There are various kinds of casino games.

Online Casino Games

Online Blackjack

This is often called as twenty-one. In this type of game, players compete against the dealers. There are three ways to win in blackjack; one is by getting 21 points on the first two cards dealt to you without having the dealer blackjack. Another is by having a higher final score than the dealer without exceeding 21. The last is by letting the dealer draw the more cards until he busts. In a game of blackjack there could have multiple players and only one dealer. This could give players a chance to increase their profits depending on the bets of each player.

Online Slot Machines

Online Casino Games

The slot machine is the easiest game in casinos, here the player needs to pull the virtual lever and wait for the three reels to stop. The amount paid off by the slot machine depends on the symbols shown on the slot machine. This is a game of chance or luck since there is no way of predicting the results of the slot machine. This type of game only involves the machine and the player.

Online Casino Games

Online Poker Games

In this type of game, the winner’s determined by the combinations of the cards and the different ranks. Online poker games have the same gameplay as the traditional poker games. However, payment of the game’s winner varies from different online sites that offer these games. This type of game a player may choose to raise his bet to make the chances of increasing the pot money and increasing his profit. Online poker games involve 4 players from different areas to play a chance game.

Are you addicted to a game? Are you married? Well, game addiction has become one of the new issues among married couples nowadays. With the growing popularity of social networking sites and game apps, everybody is very enticed to level up on their favorite online games! Even more now that the fast-paced technology of tablets, cellphones, and laptop computers enables you to play anytime, anywhere!

No matter how addicting and fun these games are, it can gradually sever your relationships with other your partners and even your job performance. That is why intervention is needed at the first sign of game addiction.

Game Addiction Gets in the Way of Relationships

Know the signs of an addictive behavior such as increased amount of gaming time, irritable behavior when not playing, isolation from social gatherings, and lying about time spent in gaming.

Like any other problem you encounter, communication is the key. Talk to your spouse about his/her game addiction. However, I must say it is not something they readily admit. So, try to be patient.

Game addiction does not only affect your spouse, it affects you as well. Join game addiction support forums and ask for advices.

Game Addiction Gets in the Way of Relationships

Suggest to him to cut down slowly on gaming time. This can be effective by establishing a short term goal. Don’t ever pull a drastic change on his game addiction; it can lead to bitterness and more arguments.

Remind your spouse that the real world is better than the gaming world. You may recall the fun times together or just go do the things that you enjoy together! That will keep your spouse’s mind from playing games.

Consult a professional or therapist. The issue of game addiction affects both of you, right? Accompany and join your spouse for a therapy session. This is considered to be a healthier way of dealing with marital issues. This gives both of you the time to talk and listen to each other.